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Terms And Conditions


1.Please read all the terms and conditions below very carefully before you use our products and services. By making a booking you signify that you have fully accepted all the terms and conditions listed below.

2.Where the terms and conditions mention “us” or “our company” or “we” this specifically means SupremeRoadTrip Ltd. We will rely on the itinerary booker’s decisions and authorisations to cover the other group members.

3.Please follow any relevant New Zealand law and driver’s instructions at all times. Please note that New Zealand law strictly prohibits smoking inside vehicles or accommodation while in New Zealand.

Fee includes

1.Personal driver with P-Endorsement license.

2.Accommodation (primarily NZ holiday homes)

3.Latest Model SUV, Gas, Tolls, Parkings.

4.Child seat for 0-7yrs old child (1th child seat included and $100 per child seat from 2nd child for the whole trip).

5.Airport pick up and drop off.

6.Driver tip ($6 per person per day).

Fee does not include


2.Admission to activities.

3.Travel Insurance.

4.International and Domestic flights.

Admission to activities

1.This tour price does not include admission to activities. However, you can choose any activities mentioned in "Summary of Trip" section in step 5, which will be in addition to the tour price.

2.We will use our best endeavours to book all activities and will make a full refund of any activities if unsuccessful.

3.The system currently only supports “all group members” participating in the optional activities that have been selected in step 5. However, if any member is unwilling or unsuitable to do any activity, please contact us via E-mail: we will reply and fully refund the relevant activity fees to you within 48 hours. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

1. You will need to pay 50% deposit after you have agreed with the package we have arranged for you. After the deposit has been received we will immediately start all the bookings associated with the Tour. Eg. - Driver, Vehicle, Accommodation, Activities and air tickets etc. as required. Also you will need to pay the remaining 50% at least 14 days prior to your tour commencement date.

2. If we receive a cancellation notice from you within 7 days of the commencement date of the tour, there will be no refund.

3. If we receive a cancellation notice from you more than 7 days before the Tour commencement date, we will request a refund of all bookings made on your behalf and pay all such refunds back to you and our only charge will be an amount to cover our actual expenses incurred..

4.The tour price per person will reduce with each additional person booked on the tour. The stated per person tour price is based on a group of 10 people taking the tour which is the maximum number of people (including infants) per tour.

5.After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the tour and driver you selected from the booking process, you can contact the driver if you wish or the driver will contact you within 48 hours to discuss with you the pick-up time & location etc...

6. Any transfer fees incurred when making any payments will be deducted from the refund.

7. There will be no refund for anyone who does not turn up at the start of the tour and no refund for any activities booked on your behalf but not taken.

8. For the purpose of avoiding any miscommunication between the client and a local Insurance Company should an accident happen, SupremeRoadTrip Ltd strongly recommends that appropriate Travel Insurance Cover is taken out in your home country before commencing your travel.

9. We will not take any responsibility for delays or cancellations arising from flight delays, adverse weather, natural disasters etc. and there will be no refund or compensation payable by us in these circumstances.

Agent Role & Responsibilities

1. After you have booked and successfully made the 50% deposit we will start booking your accommodation, transportation and activities on your behalf to the third party suppliers.

2. As the services provided by the third party suppliers are out of our control, we cannot take any responsibility for any personal injuries or financial losses incurred as a result of their actions. Any legal rights in these circumstances will be directly against the third party suppliers. We will always do our best to assist you in every way possible should any such incident occur.